Hanger 2 Home


It’s been ages since I’ve written.  Joel is now ten months old (tomorrow!), Aria will be four in exactly one month (?!?!) and I will be turning a big milestone next month, too.

Dang, I am old… and time really goes too quickly.

Anyway, I’m writing a quick blog post (which will be followed-up pretty quickly by a second one of similar nature) about a service called Hanger to Home.  I recently discovered it and I received my first two boxes this month (yes… boxes).

The service is $18 for your styling fee, you can choose how often you wish to receive boxes and you receive a very nice assortment of items to try for three days, then decide what (if anything) you wish to keep before mailing back the rest.  Similar to other services you may have heard of that are offered, but it’s really a nice option to going out and physically shopping.  Don’t get me wrong, I love to shop – in-store, online, whatever.  But it isn’t always feasible with work and two kids, plus I enjoy surprises.  And since your first box is free, I figured — why not?!  Yes, I’ll say it again – your styling fee is waived for your first box, so it is free.

My box came and everything was so neatly packaged up, and included a quick little note from my stylist.  Note to self: update Pinterest board.

Then, there was a lovely list of what the items were, the sizes, prices, brand, etc.  I should add, I forgot to tell my stylist that I have gauged ears, so I can’t wear regular earrings right now.  Oops!  They included two cute pairs of earrings, but sadly… they won’t work for me.

Urbanista Accessorie multicolored scarf

Now, I loved the colors of this scarf.  So fun, very versatile!  It’s enormous, which is always fun to work with when you’re short like me, but the oversized scaves are in right now… so it’s up with the trend.  The scarf’s price was $38 from H2H, which isn’t bad for something of this quality, size and versatility.  But I think if I bought another scarf this month, my closet might explode.  I’ve gone a little scarf-crazy lately.  But, putting this back in the box was a really difficult decision.

Mystree burnt orange top

I so badly wanted to love this.  The color is just gorgeous (and hello, matches that scarf so perfectly!).  But… well, I’m either styling-challenged or it was too big.  I got the vibe it was to be more like an over-sized tunic, but it was not flattering on my frame.  I belted it, and it made some improvements but not much.  So sadly… this is returning.

Mystree green thick knit sweater

So, this sweater… oh man.  It is the most gorgeous shade of green, I love it.  The sizing was pretty much perfect, and I was absolutely tickled.  I was this close to keeping it too… but in the end I decided to not, and probably for what many may think is the silliest reason.  But, I cannot get past the slightly frilly collar. I just didn’t think it suited this sweater, so I ended up packing this back also.  I have the feeling I may regret that decision in a day or two.

Fate gray cardigan with fringe
black naked sleeveless top
multicolored statement necklace

I’m totally ghetto, not wearing shoes for any of these pics.  Had planned to retake better ones this weekend and it never happened… and the box has to go back today.  Whoops!

I have a slight obsession with cardigans.  Like scarves, my closet has suddenly exploded with them lately.  When I saw the word cardigan on my style list, I was very excited.  But, this cardigan I ended up passing on because I was not a fan of the fringe on one side, versus the typical hem on the other.  I’m so sorry, Maggie!  You did an awesome job but this piece was a no-go!

Paired with the cardigan I have this lovely black sleeveless top which fit me really well and I loved… but I own basically the same exact one.  The necklace was also included in the box and I really did love it.

THML color block top

I love mustard-colored clothing.  True story, I do.  However, I was not a huge fan of this color-combination on the shirt.  If it was black and mustard or maroon and mustard… it would have been staying.  But sadly, this too has left me.

Potter’s Pot grey/striped shirt

My final item is the one which has me the most stumped.  It fits perfectly.  It is so soft, in ways I can’t even describe.  I mean, I want to just cuddle with it, it’s that soft.  It’s similar to other shirts I already own… but I really do love it.  So as I write up this blog, I’m still undecided if I’m keeping it or not, but I’m leaning toward yes. Guess we’ll see next time I write what I ended up deciding. 😉

Therefore at the end of this box, I think Maggie did an awesome job styling for me — she went blindly, not seeing a Pinterest board or my photo to have any notion of what body type I am, what style I like, other than the survey I filled out to sign up for H2H.  Just because I may only keep one item from this box means nothing.  I am definitely going to continue subbing, because I feel that as they get a better idea of what I like and what fits me, Maggie and I will have some awesome boxes in the future.

So just a reminder… first box is free.  Therefore I highly suggest you check out H2H and try it for yourself!

If you choose to check it out and feel like noting me as your reference, I encourage you to please do so!  Just put “Vicky Starr” or “Victoria Starr” as the recommending person when you register.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting again – second box, my clearance box… and it’s an exciting one!


iCustomLabel Baby Month Stickers – review



One month came and went so quickly, it’s taken me this long to update about it.  On the 8th of March, Joel turned one month old.  Time is going so quickly and my little man is growing like a weed.  He’s a decent sleeper, knock on wood, and a generally placid baby.  He fits into the family nicely and Aria is loving being a big sister.

As a member of Tomoson, I received the Watercolor baby month stickers, made by iCustomLabel, free in exchange for my honest review.  We never did monthly stickers with Aria, but when these arrived, I really wish I had.  Firstly, it’s a great way to visually see the changes that baby undergoes in their first year — and let’s face it, they go through plenty in 12 months.  Also, they’re really high-quality.  They stuck well to his shirt, the print quality is really nice.

They come in a really nice assortment of colors for the Watercolors set; we’re looking forward to using them in the months to come.  And if you check out the iCustomLabel website, there are plenty of other awesome options for monthly stickers.  Seriously, they have everything under the sun!  So no matter what your ‘theme’ or preference, you should be able to find something that will suit you and your little one.  Plus, with a high rating on google reviews, as well as a varied assortment of offerings on their site, there are so many custom items you can order.  I highly recommend checking out their site for yourself, to see what they have available!  They can be found at: http://www.icustomlabel.com/

All in all, I really like these monthly stickers.  We’ve only had the chance to use them for one month so far, but stay tuned for more monthly updates from the Starr family! 🙂


Eye Cream by Pure Naturals



Time is going so quickly!  My little boy is already one month old — how did that happen?  Time is flying!  He sleeps pretty well, all things considered, but I am truly drained by the end of each day.  I sleep about 6 hours a night, broken into 2-3 chunks, which is hardly a tragedy compared to some parents I know.  However, then my morning kicks into high-gear the second my 3-year-old opens her eyes.

Anyone who knows my daughter knows that her mouth and body never stop moving.  She is a fast-talker, a quick-mover and needs constant stimulation of her never-ending brain.  She’s sweet and wonderful, but she is a busy child.  Also my little man wants to nurse about every 90 minutes during the day, so needless to say… when bedtime hits, I’m ready!

Despite my circumstances not being dire, the wear and tear of motherhood is evident.  I wake looking like I could use another 6 hours of sleep, with dark circles becoming the central focus of my face.  Puffy, tired eyes are the real indication of how I’m feeling, even if coffee helps me put up a front of managing my sanity accordingly.

Then, I received this eye cream from Pure Naturals.

Off the bat, I noticed that it has a light, delicate scent — kind of like cucumbers.  Nothing overwhelming, in the fragrance department, which I like.  It’s 100% natural, so this is a huge perk for me as I am reasonably particular about what I put onto my face.

The gel works wonders for my puffy eyes and dark circles.  I feel as though I look a lot less drained since using it, and even my husband has acknowledged a difference in my face since acquiring this product.  It also places claims to erase fine lines, wrinkles and the like — but I admit, I haven’t been using it long enough to see any difference in that as it’s only been a week.. especially since I really don’t have much in terms of fine lines and wrinkles as it is.

One thing I love about this product is, unlike comparable ones I’ve tried in the past, it doesn’t make my eyes water or feel irritated.  I don’t put it in my eyes, obviously, but I’ve noticed some eye creams make my eyes burn just from being applied below the eyes.  This does not affect my skin or eyes in any negative manner, thankfully.  A little goes a long way and I find it also has a cooling sensation to it, which I truly love.

I highly recommend this product and look forward to continuing my use of it.

For more information or to order, please check out Pure Naturals:

amazon page:

social media pages: 

and website

As a member of the Tomoson team, I have the pleasure of receiving products in exchange for my honest reviews.  This product was given to me, free-of-charge, in exchange for my truthful response to the product.


100% Pure Fractionated Coconut Carrier Oil


11022806_1080930825257353_1862470987_nRecently I received this gopure 100% pure fractionated coconut oil for free, in exchange for my honest review of the product.
The following is my honest, unbiased review of this oil, based on my use of it.

The last I updated my blog, I was suffering from prodromal labor and was eagerly awaiting the arrival of my child.  More on that later, but I will say: he finally arrived!  However this post’s focus is about the wonders of this carrier oil/massage oil that I received, which does tie into my postpartum experience.

My labor with my son was fast and furious, going from inactive labor (and 5cm) to delivery in less than two hours.  As a result, my recovery was a bit longer than when I had my daughter.  It may sound counterproductive that my natural delivery without any pain relief would take longer than an induction, but as the midwife explained it to me, my body had less time to adjust to all the changes so as a result, my back hurt for two weeks straight after delivery.

This oil has been a huge blessing; my husband (sweet man that he is) was helping with the pain relief by massaging my back each night before bed in the attempt to help ease some of the pain.  We used this fractionated coconut oil as a massage oil, as well as a carrier oil for lavender oil (to help me sleep).  For both purposes, it worked really well!  For one, it left my skin feeling non-greasy yet smooth and hydrated.  Also, it did not clog my pores as I feared it might.  My skin was not greasy in looks or appearances, but I felt a huge change in the hydration of my skin through using it.  I’ve begun also applying a small amount to my hands and feet at night, just to help ease some of the dry, chapped skin that this cold winter has so kindly blessed upon me.

I love that, unlike regular coconut oil, the fractionated remains in liquid form.  I don’t mind using the solid form for certain things, but for massage or as a carrier oil, it’s a lot easier to have liquid on-hand no matter what the temperature of your house.  I also like that it really seems to nourish my skin without leaving a residue or greasiness behind like other lotions and oils I’ve tried.  It also absorbs easily into the skin, so you don’t need to worry about applying it and then leaving a trail of oil residue on your clothing, sheets, et cetera.

Also, above all else, it’s all-natural and lacks additional fragrances or ingredients. I prefer using something pure and natural on my skin, and this oil does the trick!

All in all, I give this oil a massive thumbs-up.  I see us using it in many ways in the future!

For more information on this product, please check out the following links:






Update: prodromal labor


I’ve not done a great job updating my blog for the latter half of my pregnancy.  I could sit and make up a thousand excuses, but let’s face it: no one wants to hear it and I don’t feel like typing it up, either.  haha!  So, let’s just leave it at this — I’m still pregnant, 36 weeks and 5 days, to be exact.  I’m also 4 cm dilated, 50% effaced and have been in prodromal labor since last Thursday.  At least, we assume I am still at 4cm and 50% effaced; I am getting checked tomorrow at the midwife but despite having consistent contractions, they’ve not gotten any stronger so we’re safe to assume that there’s been no change, “until your water breaks or until you’re struggling to speak between contractions.”

I had heard of prodromal labor before and although I hadn’t done much research, I knew it was not uncommon.  However when they first said they may be sending me home, I panicked a little.  At 4cm, you are sending me home?  What happens if I suddenly shoot to 10 and can’t make it back on time?  But they had been monitoring me overnight and for 6 hours, nothing had happened despite my contractions being consistent.

And honestly, they made the right call.  They know what they’re doing.  I’m just grateful that, unlike with my daughter and my previous OB, they didn’t break my water so I’ve been able to come home, rest as much as I can and try to prepare for what is yet to come.

Anyway.  So I’m home.  Sleep was easy at first, but becoming more difficult now as the pain settles into my body after 6 days of consistent contractions, cramps and aches.  I’m trying to remain upbeat, though I catch myself being short with Chris and miss A sometimes, which makes me feel guilty.  It isn’t their fault!  And hey, I made it to 36 weeks, which was my first goal.  He’s content to bake longer, which is good for him.  I’m in no rush to have him, since I know the longer he bakes the better off he is.  I just wish I could do something to ease my discomfort.  However, it won’t last forever and it could be worse.

So, prodromal labor continues.


And man, do I feel huge!  All I do is rest and eat… rest and eat.  lol.  It’s beginning to bite me in the butt!

Anyway, everything else here is glorious.  My lovely princess is so eager to meet her little brother and talks about him non-stop.  She’s so patient with her slow-moving, easily-annoyed mother.  She is truly a blessing, and I love her to pieces.  I’m excited to invite another little peanut into my life, but in some ways, will miss the non-stop 1:1 time with her.


I have a lot of plans for this blog and though I’ve been saying that all along, I really want to get it together and write more.  I have tons of things I want to review, for instance, and will have plenty to write about in the near future.

So, until then — stay warm, stay safe!

20 weeks and it’s a… ?!


I’m half-way done with a post reviewing LUSH products, it’s just coming along a bit slower than I would have hoped.  My aim is to finish it tonight.  But we know how that goes… haha.

Anyway, quick update: I am 20 weeks and now half-way through your traditional pregnancy!  I don’t necessarily have ‘great chances’ of making it to 40 weeks, but with progesterone shots helping me we’re hoping to make it to at least 38.  So, I’m considering myself half-way since I would end up being the fluke person who goes overdue with the shots’ assistance.  And hey, as long as baby is healthy, that’s fine by me!


I’m finally beginning to look more ‘pregnant’ and less like I’m just giving up completely on my food intake.  And I’m feeling a little less tired this week, which is a nice perk!  I’m still suffering massive heartburn and trying to find the best home remedies for it (not a big medication-taker during pregnancy, or ever really).  All baby steps!

We did have a great ultrasound yesterday which revealed a very healthy baby.  Baby was measuring perfectly and behaved well for all measurements.  And of course, then came the gender reveal…


We are ecstatic to welcome baby boy into our family! 🙂

So just a quick little update about our lives… but expect a new review post soon!


19 weeks and counting!


Weekends tend to go by too quickly.  I know people often laugh when I say this because they think, “You are a stay-at-home mom, what does it matter?”  But for one, I work at home and most of my work is done on weekdays.  Also, my husband’s home on weekends so weekends are family time.  Thirdly, weekends are typically the best time for me to make plans with others.

All three of these were true of this weekend.  I had no work to do as I busted my buns this week to save a full weekend for myself.  I spent time with my daughter and husband.  I also got to savor a nice visit with one of my lovely sorority sisters (not to mention, a fabulous friend).  It was great, albeit exhausting.  My feet are aching from shopping until we dropped — literally!   However, it was so worth it.

But speaking of things moving too quickly…

Today, I’m 19 weeks pregnant — one week from being half-way through your ‘traditional 40-week pregnancy!  It’s bittersweet.  I’m enthralled to find out what we’re having (next Monday!) and to be half-way to meeting our baby.  But it’s also a little sad, as I feel it’s flying past me so quickly and I’m not taking the time to savor and enjoy the blessing of pregnancy as much as I should be.  I don’t want to sound as though I under-appreciate the gift of my pregnancy… it makes me feel guilty that I’ve not savored the past 19 weeks more than I have been.  I need to change that.

I’ve just been so focused on things — the landmarks: making it past my extreme morning sickness, making it to second tri, making it to starting my shots, making it to my anatomy scan — that I haven’t really appreciated everything as a whole in the way I’ve hoped and aspired to when this child was nothing more than a mere hope and dream and prayer.

So one of my goals is to take the latter half of my pregnancy and truly savor it.  Though we’re unsure if this will be our last pregnancy or not, nothing is ever a guarantee… so it’s time to live in the now.   It’s time to stop worrying about the ‘what ifs’ and to focus on this wonderful blessing from God: my growing child.

19 week bump!

19 week bump!

 Pregnancy-wise, I’m feeling great.  Dr. Chris is doing a wonderful job with my weekly injections, and I’m proud of him.  He’s gone from being terrified of needles to being the nurse who’s giving shots to his wife.  My weight gain has been slow-to-non-existent, which is a huge change from my daughter (and more-than-likely a blessing as I don’t want to gain 50+ pounds in just eight months this time).  My energy has been a little zapped from the shots, but I’ve still managed to keep up with work and my kiddo without a huge struggle.  All in all, I’m grateful that things are going as smoothly as they are.  With my morning sickness being gone, I am feeling a bit more human and slightly less ‘zombie’ than the first couple of months.  lol!
I’m also trying to savor my last few months with my daughter being an only child.  I know it will be an adjustment, but I know she’ll be a great big sister and I can’t wait to see her bonding with her younger sibling. She’s going to be great!
She may be my big girl, but she's still little enough to snuggle + wear on our weekend adventures.

She may be my big girl, but she’s still little enough to snuggle + wear on our weekend adventures.

So that’s an update on our lives — after a long, fantastic weekend it’s back to the grind tomorrow.  Looking forward to another week of fun with my daughter, ticking off more things on my to-do list for work and hopefully getting some more reviews up on the blog this week.  After all, I got some awesome new Lush products with Cec, and can’t wait to tell you more!

Farewell weekend — until we meet again. xoxo

Lushie 101.


Recently after one of my Lush photos went up on Instagram, a couple of people DMed me asking if I ever review the products I purchase.  So since my little one fell asleep early tonight and I had the opportunity to enjoy a luxurious bath, I figured I would give a little run-down of some of the wonderful beauties I’ve recently fallen in love with at Lush.

Granny Takes a Dip

This bath bomb is amazing.  It has a nice, fresh citrus scent thanks to the lemon oil that is listed within the ingredients. The pink outer ring includes some bubble bar, so it does foam and fizz and bubble just like any of the other bubble bars that Lush sells.  The smell is just incredible — so refreshing, so delicious.  The lemon is what caught me first, however there is a spice that nips you later when the black pepper and ginger hit you.  It’s an interesting mix, but I found it really pleasing.

photo (1)

First my bath water was bubbling and frothing with swirls of color dancing in the tub.  As it settles, it turned to a bubble-less, deep purple hue.  I love how this bath bomb not only smells wonderfully, but it’s very moisturizing too.  I step out of the tub feeling as though I have slathered my skin in a light lotion after the bath, when I’ve not even gotten to that step.  So this bath bomb gets a huge thumbs-up from me.

Stepping Stone

While soaking in my nice bath, I enjoy using the Stepping Stone.  It’s a foot scrub that includes sea salt and pumice, which helps to smooth the skin.  It smells of lemon and lime, to help kill any foot odor if you’re a sufferer of such.  Jojoba oil and cocoa butter give your skin a tenderness that makes your skin feel like silk.

It smells awesome and the scents mix well with the Granny Takes a Dip bath bomb.  It also works so well, purging my feet of feeling dry and rough while making them smell great.  My only complaint is that it tends to be used up rather quickly, compared to other products I’ve gotten at Lush.  I was told it was a multi-use product, but I’ve struggled to get two uses from it, let alone beyond, since it seems the second it touches my wet skin, it crumbles.  But I still love this pumice stone and will buy it on occasion, though it’s not a ‘necessity’ in my bathroom.


Finally, I conclude my bath by scrubbing up with some Whoosh.  I bought this on a whim and was admittedly skeptical when the sales guy talked me into it.  It’s a jelly texture and it looks… well, like jelly.  It smells amazing — again with the citrus, nicely blended with rosemary and geranium — it is fresh and rejuvenating.  Grapefruit juice is also an ingredient, which cleanses the skin and helps prevent breakouts — always a plus!

The first time I used it, I wasn’t expecting it to lather.  Surprisingly, it does — it takes a little work as you need to rub it over your skin a couple of times for it to do so, but it does!  It leaves my skin feeling clean and fresh though I have noticed it’s not very moisturizing.  Which isn’t an issue — I just moisturize post-bath and feel fine.  It does crumble a little and you have to hold it tightly without crushing it, but it holds up better than I expected, seeing what it is.  It’s a unique item, to say the least, but I’m really glad I’ve tried it as it’s been lasting me awhile and really smells awesome!

So just a taste of some of my recent Lush purchases and loves.

I’ll be updating more about Lush later, since my entire skin care and hair care regimen is now Lush-exclusive.



It’s been awhile since I’ve posted, and I’m discouraged about that.  But I have a pretty valid reason (in my mind) for being a slacker:

 BabyFruit Ticker




I am enthralled to announce that I am pregnant and due in February.  After losses and months of trying, my dream for another child has finally come true, and we are eager to find out what the sex of our rainbow baby is (only two weeks left to go!)

However with pregnancy has come exhaustion, extreme morning sickness, weekly progesterone shots and extra midwife appointments.  Finally, I am beginning to get my feet under me and am feeling a bit more human.  Thus, I am planning some great things for the blog.

I have a bunch of reviews to write, including some that have been special requests (can you say, LUSH?!).

But for now, I just wanted to touch base and say: I’m here, I’m alive and I am working on a few new things to get posted ASAP.

Cheers! xoxo

Tree of Life Retinol Cream Anti Wrinkle Moisturizer review


Slacker alert!  I have been meaning to write another blog update for… well, days upon days.  Obviously, that did not happen, so I plan to catch up over the next few days as I have July BB, July Ipsy, July PinchMe on my agenda and… you get the point.

Today, though, I’ve got a review for all you ladies (or men, I shouldn’t be so presumptuous) who are seeking anti-aging products for your skin.

Disclaimer: I received this product for free from Tree of Life Beauty under the honor system that, in exchange, I would submit an honest review of my experience with it.  I was not compensated otherwise and can guarantee that this is my sincere insight.  Anyone who knows me knows: I don’t sugar coat.

Enough of the formalities, on to the review!

Despite being “only 28,” I have noticed over the past few years that my skin is changing and far more rapidly than I would like. I find rougher patches forming where my skin was previously smooth and soft with a bare-minimum skin care routine. As I’ve aged and learned more about proper skin care, I’ve realized that to keep my skin healthy I need to do more than wash in the shower once a day and hit the ground running.  So I’ve experimented with skin care routines over the past few years and have come to appreciate a product that truly works and leaves my skin feeling fresh, light and healthy.

Tree of Life sent me a bottle of their Retinol Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer to try for this round of testing and reviews.   I received the bottle on July 17th and put it to test that night.

photo 1

I will include that I use the CoalFace cleanser by LUSH Cosmetics as my face cleanser for day and night.  My toner situation is still in limbo, but I’ve been trying my hand at making my own.  The current one I’ve been using (for only three weeks, so I am still deciding if I am sold on it or not) is from this website and it’s the ACV one.  I chose to use the orange oil in mine to cover the smell of ACV.  Yuck!  Plus, orange oil is good for your skin, so at least there’s a perk besides the scent!

Prior to receiving my Tree of Life moisturizer, I had been using coconut oil to end my night time routine as I was trying to find a moisturizer that I liked.  Daytime I was going bare skinned – probably not wise, but I’m still in limbo and coconut oil was too greasy for going under my makeup.

This moisturizer has been a blessing to add into my cleansing and care routine! I use my go-to face cleanser, then apply my toner.  At nights, I’ve been using the Retinol Cream Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer and within a week’s time, I noticed a huge difference in my skin! It feels soft and smooth and it looks healthier; I feel as though my skin is glowing. I also like that it does not leave my skin feeling greasy or ‘weighed down’ as other moisturizers I’ve tried in the past have done.  With the coconut oil I found myself sometimes needing a light towel over my pillowcase if it was a particularly warm evening… not exactly the most attractive or appealing manner of sleep!

The size of the bottle I received is 2 ounces.  It may not sound like a large amount of product, but let me tell you, these 2 ounces will last me a long time! A little bit goes a long way (plus I’m only using it 1x a day), which is awesome because it makes the moisturizer, in my mind, worth every penny. The retinol really works wonders on my skin and I feel it’s truly helped rejuvenate my face. Will it prevent wrinkles in the years to come? Truly only time will tell, but I can say that it has made a visible change in my skin within only a weeks’ time so I anticipate it continuing to help as I use it as a regular part of my skin care routine.

Also I think it’s best to add, I have sensitive skin and can say that this is an anti-wrinkle product that does not burn, irritate or itch my skin, at all! It’s gentle, goes on smoothly and leaves your skin feeling soft. So don’t be afraid to try this out, even if you may worry about your sensitive skin. Besides, their company guarantees that if you are disappointed, they will make it right if you contact them with your concerns. Superb customer services speaks depths to me!  100% guarantee of products is a huge perk for me, especially when I’m trying something on my face that I’ve never used previously.

Having been in contact with a representative from Tree of Life, I also want to add that their customer service is incredible.  I have received prompt responses to all e-mails sent and it is obvious that this company truly cares about their customers.  Maintaining a good relationship with customers is huge with me, and I can respect a company that takes the time to ensure satisfaction and thorough insight on inquiries.

Finally, I love that they also included samples for me to try other products of theirs. I am in love with the eye cream that they included — and who doesn’t love to try before they buy?   You’ll be hearing more about the eye cream from me in a few weeks, so stay tuned for that!

Thank you Tree of Life for changing my skin care routine for the better!

photo 2

(hot-mess bedtime selfie, after applying my moisturizer)

If you’re interested in becoming a VIP member of the Tree of Life Beauty club, please check out this link – but know that spots are limited!  They can only take a certain amount of people, but I guarantee that if you sign up, you’ll be pleased with what they have in store!

For 15% off your entire order (one-time use per customer), please use code: QL9G4JZ4.  This code will expire on August 31, 2014.

Phew, another lengthy post but I had a lot to say about this one!  Looking forward to continuing my adventure as part of the Tree of Life VIP club, and hoping some of you will join the team as well!

xoxo — Vicky